Calvary Episcopal Preparatory Endowment

Welcome to the Myers Endowment

Dedicated to supporting educational excellence at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory. Our mission is to provide long-term financial stability and resources to ensure the continued growth and success of our school.

The endowment was established in 1982 by a Calvary family passionate about education who recognized the importance of securing the school’s future.

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Fostering Educational Excellence at CEP

Welcome to the Myers Endowment, a beacon of hope and dedication that shines bright at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to supporting educational excellence, ensuring long-term financial stability, and providing invaluable resources that will guarantee the continuous growth and success of our beloved school.
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The story of the Myers Endowment is a testament to the power of community, passion for education, and a vision for the future. Established in 1982, it owes its existence to a Calvary family whose unwavering devotion to the cause of education ignited the spark that would become a roaring flame. This family, much like the institution it sought to support, recognized the paramount importance of securing our school’s future. They understood that education is the cornerstone upon which dreams are built, and a thriving school is the bedrock of any flourishing community.

In the corridors of time, the year 1982 will be remembered as a turning point for Calvary Episcopal Preparatory. It was the year when a group of impassioned individuals came together, sharing a collective dream of shaping a brighter tomorrow for our students. They realized that to safeguard the rich legacy of Calvary and provide our young minds with opportunities for growth and enlightenment, they needed to take action.

The Myers Endowment was born out of this collective vision, and its inception marked the beginning of a new era for our school. It was founded on the belief that every child deserves access to quality education, and that education should know no bounds. This endowment, established by the Myers family, stands as a testament to their dedication to our community and their unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds.

Our mission extends beyond the confines of our school’s walls. It reaches into the future, touching the lives of countless students who will benefit from the resources and support provided by the Myers Endowment. Through scholarships, innovative programs, and essential infrastructure enhancements, we aim to provide our students with the best possible learning environment, one that will empower them to excel academically and reach their full potential.

The Myers Endowment invites you to join us in this noble endeavor. Your support, whether through financial contributions or by becoming an advocate for educational excellence, is instrumental in making our vision a reality. Together, we can fortify the foundations of education at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory and ensure that every child who passes through our doors is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

As we look ahead to the future, the Myers Endowment remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering educational excellence at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory. We are not merely securing our school’s future; we are investing in the future of our community, our society, and the world at large. The journey continues, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative voyage towards a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

Join us in our mission to empower young minds, uplift our community, and leave an indelible mark on the world through the Myers Endowment. Together, we can build a future where every student’s potential is realized, and where the flame of knowledge burns brightly for generations to come.

Board Members




Steven M. Cherry – President
Oscar Lozano – Treasurer
Erin Ford – Secretary
David Quian
John Anderson
Meagan Milford
Marian Briscoe – Ex Officio
Rick Lane – Ex Officio




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Investing in the Future: The Power of Donating to the Myers Endowment

Your generous donations have the potential to shape not only the present but also the future of education at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory. When you contribute to the Myers Endowment, you become a vital part of a legacy that transcends time, creating a lasting impact on the education and future of our students.

The Myers Endowment operates on a unique principle, one that ensures your contributions endure indefinitely. Unlike some forms of charitable giving, the endowment is designed to sustain itself perpetually. It achieves this through a simple yet profound concept: it only utilizes the interest generated on the principal amount, never touching the principal itself.

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This means that your donations, once invested in the endowment, will continue to support educational excellence at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory for generations to come. They become a perpetual source of funding, providing a stable and reliable stream of income that directly benefits our students. This enduring financial stability is a testament to the foresight of our founders and the commitment of our donors.

By donating to the Myers Endowment, you are making an investment in the future. Your contributions don’t simply serve an immediate need; they establish a foundation upon which countless students will build their educational journeys. The interest generated from your donations allows us to provide scholarships, fund innovative programs, and maintain essential infrastructure without ever depleting the principal amount. Your gift keeps on giving, year after year, enriching the lives of our students and enhancing the quality of their education.

Moreover, your donation to the endowment is a testament to your dedication to Calvary Episcopal Preparatory School. It is a tangible expression of your commitment to our institution’s continued growth and success. Unlike some forms of giving that may be directed towards specific projects or initiatives, donations to the endowment are exclusively used for the benefit of the school. This means that every dollar you contribute goes directly toward supporting our students, faculty, and educational programs.

In essence, your donation is a vote of confidence in the enduring value of education. It sends a powerful message that you believe in the transformative potential of learning and the importance of securing a bright future for the next generation. Your generosity becomes a cornerstone upon which we build educational excellence, and it is a beacon of hope that guides us toward our mission.

Join us in this journey of investing in the future, where your donations become a legacy, your support becomes an inspiration, and the impact on the lives of our students becomes immeasurable. Through the Myers Endowment, we ensure that the flame of knowledge burns brightly, lighting the path for generations to come. Your contribution, no matter the size, is an investment in the enduring power of education and the limitless possibilities it offers.