Faith-Based Education

A Tradition of Success

Our academic philosophy at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory includes creating a close-knit community of Richmond, TX students and teachers who are connected through a faith-based education curriculum. We encourage our students to ask questions, explore ideas, and appreciate the learning process. Our talented faculty provides support, enthusiasm, and opportunities for growth in a safe and nurturing environment. At CEP, we aim to graduate young men and women of integrity who will achieve their goals, serve the world, and overcome challenges.

Our students learn to think independently, analyze, reason, and actively participate in classroom discussions. Our teachers instill a love for learning in our students, which results in exceptional academic achievements. We have a high percentage of Middle and High School students who are members of the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society. 


Our average student achievement test scores are in the top 10% of the nation.


Over 60% of our students in 8th - 10th grade scored over 90% on their PSAT scores in reading and/or math.


99% of our students receive admission into colleges of their choice


100% passing rate for Calvary’s AP Math, Language, and Computer Science students (Texas’ passing rate is 42.6%)

PSIA Rankings

1st in the district

1st – 8th grade students have earned 1st in District PSIA for the last 15 years!

2nd in the state

CEP Middle School students earned 2nd at State PSIA! 

Give your child the opportunity to learn & grow at CEP

Primary School

Pre-k 3, Pre-k 4, and Kindergarten students enrolled in our primary school will learn in a play-based curriculum that helps enrich and support their individual needs. Our highly qualified, experienced, and certified teachers are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential by providing tailored support and guidance that meets the unique learning needs of every student. With low student-to-teacher ratios, our teachers can dedicate quality time to building strong relationships with each child, based on mutual trust, respect, and affection. This close academic relationship enables us to assess each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, and work towards achieving the best possible learning outcome for every child. Our primary goal is to equip our students with the skills and knowledge that will set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Elementary School

Calvary Episcopal’s first through fifth-grade program prioritizes a nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development of all students. Our curriculum covers a broad range of topics, including language arts, math, science, social studies, health, physical education, music, art, Spanish, and technology that are relevant and meaningful to children. An integrated approach to curriculum recognizes the natural connections between content areas to foster thinking, reasoning, decision-making, and problem-solving. Elementary students also get to experience monthly field trips for hands-on learning!

To assist with their coursework, elementary students are issued iPads. We strive to provide a superior education that inspires our students to develop Reverence for God, Respect for others, and Responsibility for self.

Middle School

CEP recognizes the importance of balancing students’ independence with the necessary support during the sixth through eighth grade middle school years. Our curriculum exceeds the basic TEKS requirements and includes field trips, self-expression projects, and participation in external competitions. Middle school students have the opportunity to earn up to 4 high school credits (Alg 1, IPC for Science, Spanish, and ASL credits). We also offer college readiness and career awareness activities to help students envision their future paths. Our commitment to developing socially responsible citizens is evident through group service projects that promote community awareness. We value parental involvement and offer various communication channels, including a user-friendly digital platform and active social media accounts and we issue iPads for their coursework. Above all, we teach our students about God, His Word, and their relationship with Him and others through student-led chapels and Christian Character Education classes.

High School

We prepare our high school students for the challenges of the post-secondary world through a variety of course offerings including AP courses and dual credit courses. Students can take regular field trips to college campuses, participate in academic and athletic competitions, travel abroad, participate in service learning, spiritual development, and more! To enhance their learning experience, high school students are issued MacBook Airs. Click here to learn more about high school life at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory.

High School students have the opportunity to participate in monthly after-school activities to enhance their socialization and relationship skills. Trips include excursions, events, and good eats!

If you would like to schedule a tour of our facilities & learn more about Calvary Episcopal Preparatory’s academic programs, please contact us!